Friday, July 9, 2010

tpt flow

Trailer Park of Tears- Keystone

I know we got some beer drinkers out there
well this song is about getting drunk

keystone Nati Lite miller high life
got the urge to drink with me tonight
We'll get some mad dog's to get real right
go to the bar just to get into a fight

lets get some zima how bout tequila
wait that's to expensive i needa
Keystone Nati Lite miller high life
nothing but cheap beer to get me drunk tonight
cuz i hate my life and i hate my wife and my kid might die
from typhoid fever plus he got bit bit a rabid beaver

i get drunk drunk all day to get bye
if beer was a food id call it apple pie
but your right i cant drink and drive

that well

heading north 75 the drink im on it
living like a shooting comit
too my much nati light made me vomit
ran over a dog then backed up on it

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