Friday, July 9, 2010


A ninja can't be found at night
a ninja is always able to fight
a ninja knows when killing is right
and how to disapear on sight

watch out did you see that no- your not a ninja

I leap roof tops on saturdays
on sunday I go to haverty's
and to wal-mart to pick up batteries
then completely defy gravity

I might spray on some ninja mist
Don't need weapons just my fist
hop outside and start the ninja whip
pop the top to the highlife and sip

i drink and drive cuz a ninja can do that
in japan is where my ninja school's at.
i can't tell you exactly were i thought you knew that
i'm a ninja so i don't take anyones crap no ones crap

I'm never cuaght i know how to hide
Just in case the shanks on my side
Listen I can kill with my ninja eyes
I can kill and I don't even have to try

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