Friday, June 19, 2009

start of flashback

EXT. GALAXY MOTEL - EARLY MORNINGOn the hardscrabble desert landscape Galaxy Inn, a shanty one level motel in need of repair, sits in the still dry air. Lights on the Motel sign flicker as a car whisks by breaking the silence.NARRATOR (V.O.)I can barely remember a time when I wasn't traveling. Feels awkward using the word “travel...” that means you have to arrive... Most people travel to get away but, eventually they arrive at a place of some sort. A destination infused with sentiment. (clearing throat...)Any other hundred places have something missing. They’re just not home.A cab pulls up to room 44.INT. GALAXY MOTEL ROOM 44 - 5 AMThe digital alarm clock sounds off with an annoying Beep. The clock says four AM. BILL, an older man, gets out of a shower and leans into the mirror and inspects his face. NARRATOR (V.O.)I’ve been gone so long I can’t remember what home looks like...It’s hard to ponder the past when every time you look in the mirror you’re living someone else’s past.With a vacant expression on his face BILL buttons up a shirt and grabs the jacket off a chair by the door.He opens the front door slowly then looks back at the room combing it over.EXT. GALAXY MOTEL ROOM 44 - DUSKThe door opens and BILL gazes out at the road. He hears a whistle.CAB DRIVERHey... buddy.The cab driver is right in front of BILL.He waves at BILL trying to get his attention. Bill walks up to the cab and the driver’s head leans out the window. CAB DRIVERI already got your luggage... it’s in the trunk.BILLWhat? CAB DRIVER (louder)Your luggage... I loaded it for you already.BILL looks out on the road then back at the driver who is now opening his door.CAB DRIVERThat case you got is pretty heavy. I could only imagine how fun it would be to carry around without wheels. Here you go sir... (opening the door)BILL climbs in the back of the cab.INT. TAXI CAB - DUSKThe interior of the cab looks cheap but, clean.BILLWhat luggage.CAB DRIVER(thrown off) That big black trunk. I put it in the back.A pine tree air freshener dangles from the cab’s rear view mirror. Bill looks at a picture of a naked woman stuck to the dash.CAB DRIVERShe can make any man feel a little better.BILLCan you put the cigarette out?Bill turns to peer out the cab window. The driver lights up a cigarette. CAB DRIVERSeems you had one hell of a night. Of course it is early as hell.The cab driver’s radio scratches out a muffled voice and he picks up the CB radio. CB RADIO(muffled)Car thirty four. Distance and local.CAB DRIVERI got him. We are on our way. BILLWhere are we going?CAB DRIVER(laughing)To the airport. Jesus... you seem out of it this morning.The cab driver looks back at Bill through the rearview mirror. Bill stares out onto the road. Bill shakes his head and the cab driver takes a swig.BILLLet me ask you something.CAB DRIVERShoot.BILLWhy the airport?The cab driver laughs.CAB DRIVERIt’s your flight.The driver lights up a cigarette. BILLWhat airport?CAB DRIVERThe only one in the fucking desert. Look around you kid. BILLWhat’s my name?CAB DRIVERWhat kind of question is that?BILLStop the cab.The cab driver pulls over to the side of the road.BILLI asked a simple question... Now you said I called ahead. Well, what name did I give you... Can you answer the question or not?CAB DRIVERBILL! I don’t know your last name you never give it.BILL(upset)Then how do you know me?CAB DRIVEREvery morning for the past month I’ve been taking you to the airport. The cab driver pauses.CAB DRIVERNow where you go from there I don’t know but, you usually tip me pretty well. That’s what I remember the most. You want to go to the airport or not? The cab pulls back onto the highway.EXT. AIRPORT - MORNINGThe cab approaches a small airport as a plane touches down on a lit runway. The sky is dark and thunder cracks as rain begins to pour. INT. CAB - MORNINGCAB DRIVERWe’re here. The cab driver looks at his watch then in the rearview mirror.CAB DRIVERRight on time. That’ll be twenty two fifty.Bill reaches into his jacket and pulls out a ticket and wad of one hundred dollar bills. He opens the ticket. The ticket reads one way. The departure time is 6 AM and the destination is blank. CAB DRIVERHey, you awake? The cab driver looks back at Bill snaps his fingers and waits for a response. BILLYeah. Keep the change. Without looking up from the ticket Bill hands the cab driver the cash and steps out of the door. CAB DRIVERThanks! See you tomorrow.Bill looks at the steps of a small passenger plane. The tires peel out and he turns back to watch the cab drive away.INT. PLANE - DAYBill sits on the plane beside a man dressed exactly the same as him. The man beside Bill face is hidden behind a newspaper. No one else is on the plane.MAN ON PLANE (V.0)We are almost two miles from the base. Bill stares at the man beside him on the plane. Bill looks around him groggy and attempting to keep his head up.BILLI feel like I have been here before.MAN ON PLANE (V.O.)Both of us have. We are flying somewhere over the Nevada desert.Bill looks out the window squinting his eyes. The man beside him pulls his paper down exposing a scared face. He then communicates to Bill through telepathy.MAN ON PLANE (V.O.)(without opening his mouth)Let me guess you don’t remember how you got here but, their is something very familiar about everything you are experiencing. BILLI can read your mind.The man pulls up the news paper hiding his face.MAN ON PLANE (V.O.)Right now it is like you are experiencing a strange sense of de ja vu because your mind is going over it’s own footsteps.The man beside him folds the paper up and closes his eyes as he lean back his head back.BILLI...MAN ON PLANE(interrupting Bill)Wait. Here it is. Three. Two. One.The water in Bill’s cup ripples then spills slightly as the plane encounters turbulence.BILLI’m impressed. Now tell me where I’m going.MAN ON PLANEYou know.BILL (loudly)I don’t remember anything! Not even my name! I don’t why I’m here and what I’m doing!Bill looks frustrated.MAN ON PLANEYour doing what you always do Kernel. BILLYour freezing.MAN ON PLANEI’m just humanoid, a hybrid.BILLIs that so?MAN ON PLANEYou just returned from an abduction. Bill and the Man on the Plane look at each other with direct eye contact and said at the same time.MAN ON PLANEJust another day at the office for you. Next stop Groom Lake.BILLI better get some better answers out you.MAN ON PLANEAll your questions will be answered when they arrive.Bill stares out the plane window as it cuts through clouds over the desert. Prairie dogs look up then dip back inside as the plane roars over head. BILLWho’s they?MAN ON PLANEThe men in black.Bill leans his head back and closes his eyes.BILL(whispering)Men in black.The plane touches down at a desolate airport in the middle of the desert. A few military personnel wearing black suits wait for Bill at the bottom of the steps leading up to the plane. Bill looks down at the man as he extends his hand to shake Bill’s.MAN IN BLACKEnjoy your flight Kernal?BILLA little bumpy. Bill looks back up at the plane open door as if waiting for something. BILLI got a couple of questions that need to be answered.MAN IN BLACKOf course. Hop in and we’ll talk.Doors to a black hummer open and the man in black ushers Bill in.INT. HUMMER - DAYThe doors to the hummer shut and Bill sits in the back surrounded by mysterious men wearing all black suits and sunglasses. MAN IN BLACKYou’ll need to wear this it was your request sir.The man in black hands Bill a blind fold and he reluctantly looks around and takes the blind fold. BILLWait just a minute. What’s going on. Somebody better start talking. Who am I and why am I here?A man in black hands Bill a wallet and Bill opens it then slowly pulls out a I.D. Card with his picture on it.MAN IN BLACKYou knew too much sir. It was your request that we erase your memory. You wanted to leave the organization to live a normal life.BILLWho’s smart idea was it to pick me up.MAN IN BLACKYours. The man in black hands Bill a small monitor.MAN IN BLACKPress play.As the Hummer takes off a cloud of dust follows it. The Hummer passes through a number of fenced in areas marked high security. Bill leans back in the seat blind folded.BILL(on the monitor)For your safety put your seat belt and open your mind. I’m you from the future and if you listen to me we will live fifteen more years but first put on your blind fold.Bill looks down at the monitor in his hands.MAN IN BLACKWe are almost there Kernal.Bill sits with the blind fold on motionless as the hummer travels down what is now a dirt road. The man in black smacks Bill on the back of the head and smiles.MAN IN BLACKSorry Kernel we are in a war.INT. DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASE - TIME UNKOWNBill wakes up in a white room with an elevator at the end of it. He looks up at a television in the to corner of the room. It flickers on and a man on TV looks down at Bill. MAN ON TVReach into your pocket and pull out what’s in it. He looks down takes a wallet out of his pocket. MAN ON TVOpen it and use the card to open the elevator doors.Bill uses the wall to stand up and rubs the back of his head. BILLI want to know what’s going on. Where is my family? You guys are tearing my mind up. I’m having amnesia. I know I have a family!MAN ON TVYour answers are waiting for you on the elevator.Bill takes the card from his wallet and swipes it vigorously through a small scanner by the elevator. MAN ON TVPut your back against the wall and buckle your safety belt. The door opens and a hallway leads to an elevator. The man on the plane is now behind the open doors of the elevator.MAN ON THE ELEVATORGoing down.BILL Funny I should see you here. MAN ON THE ELEVATORAnything ringing a bell yet.The elevator dings and the doors closes leaving Bill standing beside the same man beside him on the plane.MAN ON THE ELEVATORHow about a stick of gum? It will help your nausea.Bill takes a piece of gum from the Man’s hand and opens the gold wrapper surrounding it. He then folds the gum onto his tongue and begins to chew.MAN ON THE ELEVATORWhat do you think?BILLCinnamon.MAN ON THE ELEVATORThat’s about the only kind I chew. BILLIt’s time for an explanation.MAN ON THE ELEVATORThat and so much more. It’s funny how all the ingredients are never listed on the package. The man on the elevator folds open the package and starts to read what is in the gum to Bill. MAN ON THE ELEVATORIt’s quite a little drug cocktail.BILLWhy did you do give this to me?MAN ON THE ELEVATORTo help you recollect. Bill begins to have a flash of visions. His pupils widen as he starts to perspire.
MAN ON THE ELEVATORYou have a gift. A unique quality that has to be exploited. Consider yourself in autopilot now my friend. A television flashes on in the top part of the elevator. MAN ON THE ELEVATORDo you ever remember listening to the news and reading along with the tela-prompter. You have been a puppet to the state your entire life. The man beside Bill on the elevator appears on TV and beside him simultaneously begin to speak.MAN ON TVBilly Treasures AKA Kernal Bill asset to the Federal Reserve and since your creation in a test tube on a Los Alamos military Base in twenty seven years ago. Sadan stares Bill straight in the eyes.SADANYou are about to enter a psychotic drug induced flashback. My job is to guide you through those suppressed memories.BILLRemember what?SADANEverything. Who you are what your doing here.The elevator picks up speed and the two are pressed against the wall.BILLThis isn’t an elevator.SADANIt is a jump room. It will take you anywhere you want to go, just not in your dimension.BILLWhat?SADANImagine a world where time travel is possible. A world were tragedies like nine eleven were avoided but, Y2K wasn't. BILLWhere does this thing get off at?SADANSomewhere on my time line.BILLI want to get off.SADANThe trip is just beginning.INT. ELEVATOR IN DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASE - 2AMBill is in a trance as the television replays the horrific event of his childhood. He snaps out of the trance screams and throws up.SADANRelax your on a high from the drugs in that gum. BILLWhat’s happening?SADANYour being flooded with memories.BILLIt’s making sick!SADANLean your head back.BILLWhy are you doing this to me?SADANIt’s the only way you can form the host’s memories.BILLHost?SADANYou are not who you perceive you are. BILLThen who the hell am I?Sadan turns to Bill. SADANYou my friend are a time traveler’s guinea pig. Property of the New World Order.Bill begins to smile.BILLHow do know everything?SADANI’m you your mind forming a navigator system for you voyages.BILL (amused)Nice joke!Bill’s pupils widen and he stares at Sadan’s eye as it glows red. SADANIn some worlds we don’t speak. It’s not necessary.BILLYour not human.SADANYour right. Bill looks through cracks of the elevator he is on and light flashes by in different rhythmic patterns. SADANRelax and watch the lights.Sadan begins to disappear then reappear. As he flashes around the room Bill turns his head to keep up with Sadan as appears in different places on the elevator. SADANWe are almost there.BILLWhere?!SADANAnother deminsion.Bill’s head slowly starts to move slower. The TV blinks on and a montage of images play as if to catch someone up to speed on time.MAN ON TVIn 1982 scientists working with Grey’s recreated a minute black hole. Men were sucked into a parallel universe and never seen again. Shortly after the project was moved to a disclosed location were by an elite few known as the Replicas were to over see it’s operations.MAN ON TV (V.O.)Developed and trained since birth to be an enforcer of New World Order. A government entity, he was subject to numerous tests. Men from the New World Order were sent to destroy you as a boy so that your destiny would not be fulfilled. Bill looks around in the elevator and their are no buttons to push. He closes his eyes as the elevator doors close.INT. DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASE - DAYThere is DING and the elevator stops. The doors slide open and Bill walks out alone. Sadan is standing beside a metallic chair that is connected through wires to a large black trunk. SADANGo ahead. Sit in it. A fiber optic network far superior to any computer you have ever seen. In that trunk is a power source that is able to disconnect molecules at an atomic level.Bill sits in the chairs and raises up. The spot then folds back in place and returns to it’s normal shape. SADANJust an ordinary chair but, that trunk can create a black hole.Sadan points down at the trunk beside the chair.BILLIt’s that simple. Bill stares down at the black trunk.SADANYes and it works.BILL Where is the remote?Sadan taps Bill on the head. Bill walks up to the trunk that has wires branching from it to the chair.SADANThe human brain has the ability to control gravity merely by a thought. You use memories to curve space and time. KERNAL BILLWhere did you find it.SADANYou helped me make it. Bill runs his fingers across the trunk.BILLThis is the fourth model.Sadan watches the Kernal observe the chair. He runs his finger along the back of it.SADANOver sixty years of studying this technology and now we are able to fly it.BILLFly it?The kernel stands amazed at what is right in front of him. SADANYour the pilot.Sadan places his hand on the Bill’s shoulder.SADANWe will need to power up as soon as possible. Sadan hands Bill a picture.SADANStudy an iconic image long enough to memorize it you can go back to.I suggest you don’t think of any dinosaurs.SADANIf you can look at a picture of the Sears tower right after it was erected you can go there.Long pause as Bill starts to talks to himself.BILLYou’re saying that if I think about France in the 1920’s I can go there. SADANYeah but, you better get you facts straight. If you don’t know who the president of France was in the 1920’s it makes a world of difference. Sadan hands Bill a picture of a young woman.
So take a good look at that picture and remember as much as you can about her.BILLI know her. Heather. SADANThat’s your wife.Sadan hands Bill another picture. Bill studies the picture of a New York landscape. His wife, Heather, stands in front of the twin towers. The date under the picture reads 1991.BILLNew York? Why New York?Sadan hands Bill another picture of an early 90’s model desktop computer. SADANThat’s were your wife is. It’s time to rock and roll. Get comfortable.Sadan hands Bill a glove attached to several wires. He then places a cap on Bill’s head. The cap has wires running from it to the trunk beside the chair.SADANWe’re running full power.SADAN places a hat on that is the same as Bill’s. The connections are the same and each wire attached to Bill’s face SADAN matches on his.Lights emanate from the trunk as powerful fans hum. SADANJulie. Does that name ring any bells?BILLI see my mother. I can remember my mother. Sadan flips a lever on the trunk and Bill grips the arms on the chair as his face tenses up.SADANLet’s do this thing. EXT. HOUSE ON THE HILL - DAYCreepy organ music plays as a house standing in the fog of a morning gets closer and closer. The music stops. There is a loud PECKING of a bird looking for food. The sound of it banging on the wood suddenly stops.INT. HOUSE ON THE HILL - DAYA boy sits on his bed. He is hunched over and typing away on a lap top. Suddenly Bill and SADAN crawl out from under Bill’s bed and the boy jumps back against his wall.BILLThis is my childhood bed.SADANThat is not you as a boy. He is just another you from another world. BILLStop fucking with me! What the hell just happened?SADANYou traveled through time inter-demisionally. Now your in another world.BILLHey kid my name is Bill.The kid pushes his glasses up his nose closer to his eyes.Bill extends his hand to shake the boys’. The poor kid is flabbergasted at the what just crawled out from under his bed. The kid stares at SADAN. SADAN’s eyes glow red and the kid’s eyes widen with surprise. Bill turns toward SADANBILLEasy don’t scare the boy.Bill extends his hand towards Billy’s and they shake. BILLY(scared)Billy my name is Billy.The typing stops and Billy, a fifteen year old wearing red white and blue, looks at the shut door in front of him. A loud scream RINGS out.SADANDon’t worry boy everything is ok.The child of about seven looks terrified.SCREAMING MOTHER Billy Run!Her screams are muffled. CRACK a gun is fired. The sound of the Gun man’s shoes pound as he makes his way upstairs. Sadan appears standing Beside a young Bill. BILLY (V.O.)I’m scared.Sadan without opening his mouth.SADANDon’t be.. Take the pillows and stuff them under the sheets.GUNMANWere are you Billy. I promise it’s not going to hurt.SADANGood job. Now The knife beside you open it. Billy looks to the night stand beside him then hands Bill the knife. A man downstairs begins singing. INT. HOUSE DOWNSTAIRS - DAYA gunman climbs on top of a woman as he holds his hand over her mouth.GUNMANWell the wheels on the bus go round and round. Round and round...! Oh oh, oh.In sequence of the echoed man’s voice with a fluid motion and one solid CLACK a large deer skinning pocket knife opens. The gunman twists his head around grinning with greenish brown teeth.GUNMANWhere are you?SADANTell him your in here and go stand by the door.The gun man’s head turns to look around the corner of an empty room then looks straight at Billy’s closed door.BILLY I’m in here don’t hurt me. Billy stuffs his pillows under the covers on his bed.GUNMANI promise I won’t hurt you.Billy runs to the sliding door in front of him and kneels beside it. Bill walks up to the door with him holding the knife tight in his hand. The door begins to slide open. GUNMANI’m not going to hurt you.The Gunman slides open the door and points his gun at the lumps of pillows under the bed sheet. GUNMANI’m just going to murder you.SADANWhen I tell you to do exactly what I say. Now grab his sleeve and run the blade across his arm and into his neck.Bill grabs the man’s jacket sleeve as he aims at the bed. The man looks at Bill terrified. Bill slices the knife up and across the man’s wrist plunging it into his neck. GUNMANFuhh...Billy screams as Bill uses the knife. A gunman downstairs shouts up. GUNMAN2Let me have some fun!SADAN(Furiously)Do it again and again.Bill repeats the motion cutting the man two more times. The gun is dropped. GUNMANUhh.Blood pours from the man’s neck as he attempts to crawl and hold his neck closed. Billy grabs the gun off the floor and fires twice at the gunman’s head. BANG! BANG! Sadan places his hand on Billy’s shoulder.BILLI know you won’t.SADANNow kill the other one.GUNMAN2I told you not to do him till I got up there. A gruff voice calls out from below. Billy walks to the stairs and at the bottom is a man covered in bloody white scrubs. Billy points the gun at the man and pulls the trigger.SADANGood. Now in my world you died but I guess we all deserve a second chance even you.SADANSome times the time machine is broken. BILLWell thank you for mentioning that. Now am I supposed to just be stuck here.SADANMost of the time it doesn't take me that long to figure it out.Sadan fools around with the cord and makes a giant POP of electricity come out of the wires tip.SADANWell we need another power source.Sadan picks up one side of the trunk and looks over at Bill. The man is looking back at Bill and tries not to mention. The fact that the wire to the time machine has been cut. Bill looks back at the man in the chair and Sadan pulls up the wire. Sadan helps Bill drag the trunk out to the truck were a third man is sitting in the trunk smoking and jamming out to Spanish guitar song.He lights his cigarette and pulls the lighters lid down ass he raises his bald head. He makes eye contact with Bill. BILLTake the kid in the house and keep him quite. Bill watches the gun man look up from his lit cigarette with smoke filing the car the Third gunman grits his teeth down on the cigarette.GUNMAN 3What the hell? The gun man pulls out pistol and starts firing at Bill. Bill runs back behind the house were the gun is sitting on the kitchen counter and Sadan tosses him a gun. Bill walks out the kitchen door holding his gun up.GUNMAN 3Well it looks like we got a little cowboy in us. A little John Wayne.Bill Haha... You think your a bad man.Bill steps around the side of the house and a tall cowboy with John Wayne features looks down at Bill. BILLI guess you are going to breathe over my brave mothers last breath and get away with it. Bill points the gun at the tall cowboy and pulls the trigger. The trigger CLICKS back and hammers down creating nothing but a SNAP.
GUNMAN 3(shouting head in the air)If this is my last wish we’d get gone together is the back of some truck going a hundred miles an hour too Mexico but somehow I don’t think your going to let it be that way. The cowboy pulls out his pistol and shoots Bill right in the head. POP~! The gun man walks back in the house and past Bill’s mother who is still were the other men left her. He walks up the stairs to his Son’s room. In the room is a boy sitting beside a black box with SADAN’s head sticking out from under the bead.GUNMAN 3Get up boy. I’m not going to hurt you. Your daddy tried to kill me so I had to put him down.SADANHello Bill.SADAN steps out from the closet and looks directly at the cowboy.GUNMAN 3Are you armed?SADAN lifts up his arms in the air.SADANNo, I am unarmed.Bill Treasures Senior points his gun at Sadan. BILL TREASURES SENIORWho the fuck are you and how the hell do you know my name. SADANThe man you killed outside was just yourself but, from a different time line in another world.BILL TREASURES SENIORFunny cuz, I don’t remember him looking a whole hell of a lot like me. Sadan’s skin has a greenish tint under the closet light.BILL TREASURES SENIORWhat’s your fucking story guy who the hell are you. SADANI am the owner of that.Sadan points at the floor beside the bed at a black trunk.BILL TREASURES SENIORWhat is that?SADANIt’s a time machine. The power supply has been cut or I would show you how to use it.Bill Treasures Senior walks up to the trunk and places his hands on the trunk. The trunk glows blue in different sections then once in the middle. He is fascinated with it. SADANTrust me it works. BILL TREASURES SENIORWhat kind of power does it run on?SADANElectrical currents. Strong ones.BILL TREASURES SENIORI got some jumper cables in the back of the truck.SADANStronger than that. BILL TREASURES SENIORI know were a power line is. He points up.BILL TREASURES SENIORRunning to this house.EXT. HOUSE ON THE HILL - DAYThe screen is black and the sound of a chainsaw cutting through wood echoes. A tall wooden post holding up a power line falls. Sadan stands in the house beside the boy looking through the house’s kitchen window.Bill Treasures Senior uses jumper cables to connect the black trunk to downed power line.SADANThat’s what happens when you travel through time Billy do you see that.SADAN’s evil glare just stares down little Billy. SADAN opens the door and walks outside with Billy.BILLYHe’s dead right. Billy and SADAN drag the trunk back to the cowboys the truck parked in the outside driveway. They leave the sizzling body body laying beside the power wire.EXT. HOUSE DRIVEWAY - DAYSadan hooks up the trunk in the truck bed connecting it with a wire to the battery in the front. SADANHop in little Billy and we will go for a ride. The door to the truck swings open and Billy climbs in the cab. Sadan looks down at the floor board to the truck and picks up a Breathalyzer. He hands it to Billy. SADANHere breathe into this. Billy breathes and the Breathalyzer beeps. Sadan cranks the truck. Sadan gets out of the truck and walks back to the truck bed and from the cab Billy can see the trunk start to light up blue. Sadan takes out two shower caps from the trunk and begins to place one on Billy’s newly shaved head.SADANWe are almost all powered up. Put you seat belt on kid.BILLYI’m nervous.SADANDon’t be. It will only last a second.Sadan places the wire cap on his head then corrects the rear view mirror so that he can see the trunk as it starts to flash blue.SADAN revs the engine and looks over at Billy. SADANI want you to remember what you looked like in the future. The man that came out from under your bed.Billy closes his eyes.SADANRemember his face.Sadan reaches forward and turns on the trucks radio then begins to tune the radio’s frequency. He leaves it on Frank Sintra's song “New York New York.”FADE OUT:POV OF A CAR WINDSHIELD - DAYThe song continues to play as the truck speeds by a Japanese couple taking pictures of a New York sky line.A horn honks from behind the truck.SADANWelcome to New York kid.Sadan turns to look at Billy and he looks human as opposed to his previous appearance. A line of four cop cars speed down the bridge going the opposite direction.SADANYou know there are just too many cops in this New York. The New york I’m from there is much more sin in the city. BILLYWhere are we going?SADANTrust me kid I know what we are doing. I’m going to get you back to your mom and Dad but, first we need to do a little errand.EXT. IBM BUILDING NEW YORK CITY - DAYSADAN takes off his seat belt and opens the truck door.SADANI will be back in a minute.Billy watches SADAN step out of the truck and walk up to the tall Manhattan building. INT. IBM BUILDING NEW YORK CITYHe goes through the revolving doors and up to the elevator in the building. DING! The elevator doors open and SADAN comes face to face with Bill and himself.SADANI think you want to get off at the next stop.The elevator doors shut and Sadan walks out of the building.Billy watches him approach the truck and the door opens. SADANAlright kid lets get you home.The truck takes back off leaving the building.EXT. TREASURES’S HOME - NIGHTSADAN drags the trunk up the steps to the large Victorian home. He looks at BILLY who is gazing down at the trunk.SADANPress the door bell.The door bell echoes inside the beautiful home. INT. TREASURES’S HOME - NIGHTA young boy sits on the floor watching television. His father gets up and walks to the door.SADANHello.Mr. Treasures stands in the door way. A short middle aged man with a robust frame and beard looks at SADAN’s extended hand.MR. TREASURESCan I help you?SADANI... want to know if I can talk to you for a minute.MR. TREASURESIt’s really late.Mr. Treasures swings the door shut and SADAN catches it with his foot.MR. TREASURESGet off my property. SADANWhen you were ten you made a birdhouse for your mother in cub scouts. When she died two years later you smashed then spent all night trying to fix. MR. TREASURES(baffled)How do you know that.SADANI’m your son...From the future. I know that sounds crazy but if you just let me explain...Mr. Treasures wrinkles his forehead and looks down at BILLY.SADAN(softly)We haven't eaten in a couple days. The boy could use a hot meal and a shower... I could too.INT. TREASURES’S - HOMEThe little boy on the floor looks up at his dad and the strange man following him.MR. TREASURESJohn go to your room. A plump woman walks from around the corner to the kitchen. MRS. TREASURESHoney who is it?MR. TREASURESWill you heat up a meal we’re going to have some guests this evening. Is this your boy?SADANHe is my son.Mr. Treasures turns back to SADAN and BILLY.MR. TREASURESYou like hamburgers? We have plenty of other food if you don’t want hamburgers. What are you hungry for? You got a name?SADAN looks at BILLY.SADANAnswer the man.BILLYBilly.Tense with awkward silence, Mr. Treasures drags out a chair from the kitchen table. MR. TREASURESWere are from son?BILLY(unsure) I can’t remember.Mr. Treasures looks up at his wife as she places a plate of hot food in front of Billy then hesitantly sets one in front of SADAN.SADANThank you.MRS. TREASURESWell I’m not a chef but I hope you enjoy the taste.Mrs. Treasures, a tall elegant woman, sits down at the kitchen table beside her husband MRS. TREASURESWhat do you mean you can’t remember.MR. TREASURESYou don’t remember were your home is.Billy takes a huge bit of the spegehtii.SADANWe have been on the road for a couple of years now.MR. TREASURESDid you lose your job?SADAN Try to taste your food before you devour it.She looks at SADAN shocked by his words. MRS. TREASURESDon’t worry about that we have seconds and plenty of desert.SADAN looks at Billy and Mrs. Treasures walks up to were Billy is sittingSADANYour generosity is appreciated Billy done eating is almost his plate of food.SADANI think he should savor it and enjoy the moment. MR. TREASURESHoney will you take the boy upstairs and show him were the shower is.MRS. TREASURESFollow me honey. Mrs. Treasures places her hand on BILLY’s shoulder as he gets up from his chair.
MRS. TREASURESI will show you your room and were the shower is.SADAN(softly) We’re not from around here. MR. TREASURESWell that’s easy to tell. You don’t look like anyone from around here. SADAN has an evil stare that cuts right through Mr. Treasures.Mr. TREASURESDon’t be angry mister. I’m just curious about who you are. I apologize. Mr. Treasures stands frightened and speeches. SADAN stands up from the table. Mr. Treasures follows SADAN’s motions with his eyes.SADANWould you like a smoke.MR. TREASURES No but I’ll show you the back door.SADAN walks outside following Mr. Treasures.SADAN(dangerously)I want to tell you about a man that gets driven out of town. You tell me if the story is too aggressive.SADAN and Mr. Treasures lock eyes.SADANThere is a man I once knew that jogged every day. He was a good guy. You ever heard the expression only the good die young... It’s true.EXT. COUNTRY ROAD - SUNSETTEXT: A knock for POP.A hand held camera records Bill, a large tan physically fit man, is doing TI CHI in front of a large mirror in a luxurious bathroom painted baby blue.The muscled up man exhales as he pushes a fist slowly towards his reflection.A car passes about a hundred yards outside the bathroom window.INT. CAR - SUNSETA man sucks down a cigarette and then flicks the butt out the window before slowing down to scope the house. There is another man beside him who is wearing shades and looking directly at the house as they pass by.DRIVERThat’s the one. He sits up there like a king on a hill. I bet you there is over fifty grand worth of jewelry and electronics. I know they have about a seventy inch plasm.The passenger pulls down his shades and looks at the house with a pair of binoculars. PASSENGERWho lives there?DRIVERHe is 70 years old and his wife’s gone with Alzheimer. She can’t remember shit and will be lucky not to die of a heart attack when we come through the open door.PASSANGERHow many people live there... total.DRIVERThree.PASSANGERThree living in that castle.The passenger lights up a smoke.PASSANGERWho is number 3?The car begins to head down a hill out of the houses’ view.DRIVERThe old lady’s father. He lives in the add on beside their house. PASSANGER(giggling) That geezer must be a hundred.DRIVERHe’s ninety eight and still holding on.PASSANGERWell I might have to give him a little help.The passenger smiles and his teeth are rotted out by the gum.DRIVERWe will take the castle first then worry about great, great grandpa. PASSANGERWhat if he sees us and calls the cops.DRIVERI was there last night. Walked around to the two back door and looked under the mat and there it was. The driver takes his eyes off the road and looks over at the man in the passenger seat.DRIVERAll of’em were deep asleep.PASSANGERWell it only takes one phone call and 45 grand turns into 45 years in the slam.DRIVERYou think I haven't thought of everything. The phone line runs in to an above the ground box to your left. The car slows down to a stop. The driver gets out and opens the box with a large pocket knife. He takes the tip of the knife and uses it to pull out a blue wire.DRIVERWe cut this wire right before breaking in.The driver looks down at his watch.DRIVERStill got about an hour before sundown. Lets grab some grub.INT. HOUSE - APPROACHING DUSKA small one engine plane hums over head. Bill walks down the long hallway of the house and stretches his chest. He approaches a doorway and pops his head in.BILLI’m going for a run.GRANDMOTHEROk sweety.GRANDFATHERDo you want us to leave super out for you. BILLI’m not that hungry.Bill opens the door and looks out onto the road were the car had just passed by.EXT. HOUSE - DUSKBill walks out of the house and waves at Pop who sits in his add on to the house. Pop waves back and Bill puts on a pair of head phones.A crunk rap song begins to play.He starts to jog swinging his arms to loosen up. He heads down a hill as the sun slowly creeps down the horizon. A neighbor is in his front yard working on a fence. Bill waves but the neighbor does not return the favor and his dog glares at Bill then barks.INT. HOUSE GRANDPA’S BEDROOM - DUSKAn older man lays on a bed beside his wife and the two are watching the local news.GRANDFATHERHoney, I’m going to take a shower. Do you want me to heat you up some soup before I do?GRANDMOTHERNo.The lanky old man walks into his bathroom and takes off his shirt throwing it in a basket inside his closet. In the corner of the closet beside the dirty clothes stands two shotguns. One gun is a semi-auto twelve gage and the other is a double barrel antique, the kind you don’t touch unless you got to. The shower head shoots on as the old man slides the shower door shut behind him.INT. RESTAURANT - DUSKThe driver and the his passenger sit across from each other as a woman places a tray in front of each of them. On the tray sits a burger and fries.PASSENGERDo they have any dogs?The driver chuckles. DRIVERYour just now thinking of that. No...
EXT. HOUSE - DAYThe driver throws out a couple of steaks at two barking dogs that immediately run up to the meaty treats. Driver (v.O.)When I drove by last week I left a little treat for their pets. A nice T-Bone steak stuffed with poison.The car passes the neighbors house who sits outside his trailer home with his dog smoking a cigarette.DRIVER (V.O.)The only one living with a mile of the house is getting a cut.PASSENGERHow much?INT. RESTAURANT - DUSKDRIVER10 grand.PASSENGER10!The drive swallows a pile of flapjacks.DRIVER10 and its worth it. If one of those old fucks start to running...The driver closes his eyes.DRIVERHe has a flash light and a 30 aught six. He will take to the trees tonight and keep a look out.PASSENGERI can’t believe your just now mentioning this. What do you know about him? He could go to the cops.The driver glances around the restaurant.DRIVERHe caught me prowling the place one night. If he was going to go to the cops it would have happened already. PASSANGERI don’t know about this. Why are you just now mentioning this?The passenger just backs away from the table.PASSENGERFuck this shit I’m out.DRIVERYour not out.PASSANGERWhat do you know? I’m fucking out and that’s it.DRIVERNo your not.The passenger just stares at him.DRIVERIf your out then your dead.PASSANGERWho’s dead not me mother fucker!The passenger gets up from the table. He slams open the restaurant door and stomps out to the parking lot.The driver leaves a few dollars on the table and walks out to the car with everyone in the diner staring at him.EXT. CAR - MOMENTS LATERDriver unlocks the car and both men get in without saying a word.PASSANGERI thought I was dealing with a professional.The car takes off and peels out of the parking lot. The driver then takes out a gun and shoots the passenger in the head.DRIVERYou are.EXT. COUNTY ROAD - SUNSETThe driver steps out of his car and walks up to a pipe sticking out of the ground. He walks back into the woods and drags the passengers body with him. He sets the body down and begins to dig feverishly. EXT. COUNTY ROAD - NIGHT The driver walks back to his car takes off his shirt and begins to wipe down the blood on the door and seat. He then walks to a hole in the ground and tosses the blood soaked shirt on the dead passenger.He yanks the shovel out of the dirt and starts to burry the passenger in the middle of the woods.