Sunday, June 12, 2011

a good board

u haveto draw energy from the greiund he charges uop befor 2bty 4 ghard jab we r both now amazed by the board splitting

Grip (Start of the story)

photocopy of id signature social and improvised picture by yearly id er who works for the black water huntiung\\ elite

The Grip a new beginning.between good and evil...waiting for the serpent (prophetic tales of Big and Little)

Diavile is the dingle berry on the asshole of the world. I had to leave because my father and I were two bulls stuck in a pen of countless others.

big bro little bro the two are the same just different egos. 16 year old on the run headed to la. boosts local stores of gas food and booze on his way....

side track. step aside big bro pulls out the tactical pen as the cashier at TakeaTrail whips out a long two by four....Right in two tool song correlated to him splitting the two by four and breaking the plexly glass beneath him with one hand on the first try. A 16 yr old girl walks in and attempts to get her picture taken with big bro they are taking is pic and judging him up to see if he is ready for the tactil triumph. As if a call went out to local noble men that the perfect game was in town for the weekend and his name was Big Bro. an x nfl player h=who had invested in the right sock thanks to his chineese buddy won the bid to make big bro his next live stock to slaughter givin the juicy details to his shanghi brother the yakuza pitch in for a camping trip big broo will never forget.