Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Notes to Rich three way with lighting and thunder and snowo

CClearly I controll the weather.

Sipin candy canes.....

bed Stu+Party Monster+Drug Stroe Cowboy+=your way old friend
Here to you rich
powerfull stuff
I was recently fired from my job and denied unemployment
Should I tell you a long story about how it wasnt my fualt
moving on is each second is another multitasking
I'm broke
I can't sleep under a bridge
my boss claimed im lazy
He wanted my nutz ya ya
Mathmaticsee months and hide
Maybe he was right for thr---> look up
contact with walls guaruntteeed female versions of himself
for nights of desent ade imaginary dont wait nobody
nobody beats aarons wait keenny just did it
100000 miligerams of vitamin c im feeling good
im drpping bright orange edibable colvert with beef to leave or eee
or ishh or hjacob aaashish
u wernt min requirements months warmed me up now here comes the filler 40 percentfor old richie
things over til i had to leave it was the only one on the subway way for hundreds less
space silence i wish we could have vacation again is it normal to be
sick of your jobb after three n=years
need space good internet silence stars no somber

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