Sunday, February 13, 2011

effective ass Hunky! Front Fucker) so good when they are old)


Bring it back bitch. Culture aint a sexy stance
ass all fucking looking proper but beatin and uncertian
she said . fresh, muther, doog, she said dooooogyyyy nasty.
time when we rolled 8 times in bed baby bum need money

Well just listen humming bird beating so fucking fast in my pressed lap
Now you see mental waking but cant understand the shine was beyond white King Kong Writer
Moon walker in the grocery we got to get grandma a ripe pecans for lexus
Maybe in a millionaire fresh Im going to bake that muffin nuthing zoo poo poo

Acti Lift see soft words trying to be my think you read then juf=dge but not be
a mother fucking writer dragon speak then tongue fuck the liars
Ive done this before spoke off track. JUst let me try to find your dignity on the side of the road.
Peace to all the filthy birds trying to get a seed in this world.

Now if you talk about free verse and poetry talk to me

PS> Don't I'm just your fucked up self. You can't love me.

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