Tuesday, February 8, 2011

( New Poem )AKA Cow Girl AKA Mmmm real house wife

where have all the cos girls gone
to have sex in the city they left the farm
Guess I caint stay in the woods no more
got to head to the metro and find hunter's ear

I packed heavy sacs headed n. east
bathed in acid in the belly of the beast
did'nt take long to taste the meat
every night cheap hookers on my street
I takes my shots of whisket straight up and fucking neat
sometimes im a little strong but thats who i am my mom was really strong
seen through our eys had to meet
with filthy felions scratching garbage plastic
and chasing for rats lookiing for enchillada cheese
to my sister i never had you
is it too sweet to want to just please me moi
jimmy crack corn its on right now
big house by yourself just do it on your own
i get nervous
at nyc on the table

is it too sweet to want just to please
nobody but me
aint no god damn i in we except for 60 maybe
headed up the 9 live can littered steps
hes with one big mess

fuck you eyes seize the nest make the walk
steep in it make breathe play out to cash
hairy legs on dirty fun
shoes need to be confronted

dope headz making fights for fun packing stupid gunz
all for dumb rox and them girls getting naked

nosie running it really went off

that often plays into it
that elephant in the room
nothing i want to talk about thank you

knew how the time was willing
unless ur a nun you shouldnt be talking abou that.

knew how the time as willing
if two towers fall from 3 main ceilings
quaker my salmon heaven cent food

I will discover a chillen poem thats bad
my master in the lent so not controlled.

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