Wednesday, February 10, 2010


--------The Tribe------
In a rural east Texas town where highschool football is everything a group of football players coached by a man obsessed with wining. The drama/comedy takes place in Jacksonville Texas. All the games are played in the Tomato bowl and the stadium sales out every year. The 18 yr old boys live like gods of the highschool until their season ends in loss of life and virginity.
This is a story about Ron and Don. They are just two losers that never made it with a lady. One night in a bar the two came close to getting laid but, instead got humiliated by bar bullies. The two were trying to pick up on some girls at the bar when they get their asses kicked, car vandalized and house buned down all in one night. While on the hospital internet Don finds a post on craiglist that peaks his interest. The post reads “Hardass seeks those who seek to destroy” The guy is clay jackson an out of work former ufc fighter that becuase of tax problems needs to rent his living room out as a “dojo”. The real problem comes when a former enemy of Clay’s comes back to kill him. Ron and Don are forced to avenge their senseis's death.
-------------foot models----------------------
Ryan and Deen are two successful foot models living in new york city. The two are overweight but, athletic. Their whole life they have been foot modeling and their feet and calves look beautifully sculpted with no hair and a bronze tan. The feet and calves basically look nothing like the men they belong to. These twin brothers share the same beautiful feet but, they don’t really act alike. In fact, one guy reads the bible while running on the treadmill. The other sips frappacinos while he smokes a cigarette heading to a photo shoot. Just polar opposites. The two guys fall for the same girl. She is a real model however and seems to be just using them. The two brothers only hang out with other body part models like, Stephan. Stephan is a back of the head model. The back of Stephan’s head is so profound that it deserves to be seen at all times.
------------------The Psychward--------------
Three Gangsta rappers break out from a mental hospital and are on the run from the fbi. The rappers seek refuge in a under ground tunnel built for criminals. While on the run in the tunnel they meet some very weird people including an alien. The tunnel has to come up somewhere and what better place than the White House. Pres Bush knew about it the whole time. His secret gay lover brought them to the end of the tunnel. Bush tries to kill them all but fails miserably.
--------------Srgt Stubby------------------
This is inspired by a true story. Stubby was the first animal to receive a promotion in military ranks. He served his country in ww1 and was used to sniff out mustard gas and german spies. Stubby’s body is preserved behind glass at the Smithsonian. This is more of a children’s movie. Its a real marketable idea and has a nice plot about German gold. The story is make believe but, Stubby did exist and his story is one of glory. When he came home from the war he was hailed as a hero and rode in all the parades wearing a sweater the french citizens knit for him with his medals hanging proudly from it.

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