Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Grip

Big Bro’s sclera burns from parting the right eyelid to perspiration and magnified radiation bursting from a windshield. They had mentioned on the news before leaving his house. The forecaster said something about a closer than normal sun. That was the last they had seen or heard of the news. Squinting brows could not block out the harsh light projecting odd shapes against thoughts of Jim Bean and vomit. He focuses on the thin skin’s network of cascading blood cells and “floaters,” his name the name for barely visible clear strands of protein making up pupil tissue. Slight twists of his vascular forearms excrete minute beads that glisten as they slowly grow and fall following veins to a plastic armrest. It was high noon and every car on the block blessed with dark paint was hot enough to cook a steak on the hood. Inside the dark blue sedan everything was coming to rise like cup cakes in an easy bake. The idea of spending one more hour parked without shade made Big Bro turn in his seat shielding his face from an invisible bon fire wind.

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