Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crazy Dream

The Grip

Big Bro’s right sclera stung as he parted eyelids to magnified light shooting through the eighty eight Durango’s front windshield. His closed eyes projected harshly bright red lit floaters, That’s what big bro called strands of protein making up his soft pupils. The sun radiates his vascular fore arms causing them to excrete tiny beads that grow and fall following veins to a plastic armrest. It was noon and the hoods of every car on the block had to be hot enough to fry an egg and cook a steak. He felt like a cupcake coming to rise in an easy bake and everything inside the dark blue sedan was on low broil Big Bro thought he could take another hour and they would have to leave the Durango and find some form of shade.

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