Friday, January 28, 2011

Grizzly Spit

Trailer Park of Tears- Grizzly Spit

I need a pinch of some grizzly dip
asked my grandma for a bit
she was out but, told me what to get
I broke a cig stuck it in my lip

I don't buy no fucking skoal
If you got grizzly it's sold
I'll dip that shit if it's old
I'll dip that if it's hot or cold

I miss that grizzly can on my hip
tried to quit but missed the fit
of a fat dip in my lip --ummmmm
grizzly spit.

I still buy grizzly by the log
spit a bit when i kill a hog
I like to dip when i take a jog
Hell I even gave a dip to my dog

(snort) Grizzly spit
Need a dip for the lip
sure do miss my grizzly spit

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