Thursday, May 29, 2008


I've had what you would call normal pimples and
then I have had super pimples. I have'nt had one of
these super pimples in five year but, I'm still
in fear of the super pimples return. He haunts
my dreams with his taunting festering face. Believe
when I tell you I have lost jobs friendships and even
been disowned by my family because of this pimple.
See this is'nt the type of pimple that comes right out
and lets you know it's a pimple. No. This pimple lies
to you and hides as it grows in strength until it wants to
take over your face. I've told people it was everything from
a spider bit to a gunshot wound. People would ask why is your face bleeding?
Oh, I got stabbed. There is no amount of makeup
or concealer you can put on it. Just bandage it up and tell people
you had plastic surgery. It's way better than telling someone it's a

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