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adams adaptation

Cancer patient on cl
Sophie after drug dealer run in
Gives weed to cancer patient
She was raped asa child
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Qoute- Jakuv- I always wanted to by famous for my quotes just like mark twain
Notes fd8
notes on main character and plot- dick masterson type working as a bouncer at a popular new York night club he has built up disdain and hat for woman based on one relationship, the last and only one he had several years ago. He is writing poetry for a New York publisher and looking for women to degrade on craigslist when he meets Sammy.
Sub plot and foils- part time job with tmz meets zoey dechannel and she amazes him with the anti typical so he asks himself why murphy character from other screenplay type of a guy he must seem to her telepathy, ying yang paradigm, drugs, alex jones, the god, doors of perception, trust
Colors-blue tranquility-calm-disturbance- gold, greed- white, purity black, space purple, temptation pink, desire green, achievement red, desire, Yellow, Coward Crystal, Silence,
Semantic Key- Red, White and Blue
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Jesuse stoning scene
Jonah in he whale
Quote to remember about Love- Jakuv Marlin- “She has my rib. God broke me apart and said you are not you anymore, you are with her.”

- “I was a highway man” -Willy Nelson
Deaths among pigeons in New York City have declined drastically this year. That’s either a sign that people are starting to like, let me correct myself, get along with these winged creatures that were once considered no more than diseased rodents or flying rats. Although the rats in the subway could grow to the size of a fat cats. Those are the kind of rats that will attack you if you show even the slightest amount of fear. I've seen grown men run sideways falling up concrete steps leading up from the G train platform with umbrellas swinging like a swords.
People who've lived long enough in the city have had the star encounter. When a non celebrity runs into a person or persons interest that frequently appear inside that trapped social stereotype called a television ninety percent of Americans watch every day. I’d like to meet the man who finds statistics on slightly domesticated birds that have intellects that we as a human race have not begun to scratch the surface of. Albino Homing Pigeons and regular gangster ass grey ones, would like to have me thank all cab drivers for not purposely running them over as well as Lucky Star Deli’s for left over bread. It seems lately pedestrians are knowing exactly when to slow down and step aside instead of on top of another creature. It'd be real hard trying to imagine having to off one of those poor bastards just so you could roast one over trash a can?
A drunken sloth filled slug of a man with thin clingy black pants and half tucked coffee stained white dress shirt held around his neck with a loose noose of a skinny black tie. Piece by piece he shoves a standard; turkey, Swiss, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, sat, pepper, oil, vinegar, and two napkins deli roll. He unfolds the parchment paper and begins to devour the food by shoving it into his trap pushing out a couple of gruff white cheeks. Lesson number one, when deep behind enemy lines, don’t act suspicious. I was far from 40 acres and a mule, that was high priced realestate inhabitated primarily by rich hipsters whos
-0987parents own stocks and live of interest in conneticut. That’s not where our buddy lives. Nope, a thousand a month on rent was wy too much for a food runner and entrepreneurial screenplay writer. That means he did’nt get paid to write so he could’nt quit his day job. land and I’m in deep Bushwick Brooklyn next to a cemetery full of oppressed brown and black skin men who straight hate white boys like me. Our anti hero Stumbles out of Delancy subway stop then proceeds to fall over the curb and puke. “You’re going to get hit by a car,” He sends an empty whiskey bottle flying through the air. It lands directly beside a group of pigeons feasting on hamburger buns. A Pigeon feeding bum grabs the drunks shoulder, “hey watch out,” another homeless man frowns at the drunk then notices the man is carry a mobile phone. He dances out of the street and onto a parking meter. The drunk yells out “screw you.” He kicks a Pigeon. The Bum faces the drunk man don’t kick the pigeons you fucking animal.
Excrement lands on the fat doughy left shoulder of a pale hipster chick named sophie. It’s black and white with specks of sesame seeds. Sophie, an unbeknownst hipster, doesn’t notice but, yawns as she pulls her arm out under her breast and leans further back in a bus stop bench. She continues to snore.
The bird shit cracks in half on the bright pink skin. Drool slides down his arm and on the reclining pool chair holding him. Empty beer cans reflect early white beams breaking down the midnight’s left over blue. A still crawling sun hangs directly above Sophie tar covered Brooklyn roof top. Sophie Brown Malnaire, Her mother named her after her grandmother. Sophie never spoke to her grandmother. She only mumbled on the account that her grandmother died when she was four. Still Sophie grew to be a steward of faith tailored from generations. Her mother played the piano in a small Presbyterian church in the wilderness of Wisconsin. That was when she was young. Tranquil music plays on a boom box as the sounds of horns and engines lace under the tones. Sophie breathes heavily and climbs out the chair grabbing a beer can. She swiflty guzzles the last of it Sara looks at the Empire state building deep into the distance. Sara “I don’t know why they call it the big apple, much like I don’t know why they call New Orleans the big easy.”
INT. BROOKLYN APARTMENT- DAYAverage guy wakes up and hobbles into the kitchen then opens the freezer. He pulls out a bag of ice and begins to break it up with the handle of a knife.JACOB V.O.I wish I could say this is one of those great New York stories about struggling artist that gets his big break. Unfortunately the majority of this story will not even take place in New York.Takes the bag of ice into his room and lays down on his bed propping up his foot. He puts the bag of ice on his foot.JACOB V.O. (CONT’D)I don’t even think this is going to be a happy story. I don’t know it might. I’m just saying I don’t think it has alot of potential to be so you might want to stop listening now if I’ve already started to bore you.Gets up from his bed then room as he opens the apartment door he looks around before hobbling to a ladder leading up to a latched door to the roof.JACOB V.O.This is where lose you.He pulls himself up the ladder slowly then looks down at the long fall and imagines possibly slipping. He opens the door and crawls up to the roof.JACOBFinally I can stop talking in voice over.Walking to the edgeJACOB (CONT’D)Most people believe that they are capable of doing anything. The world is there oyster and mind an pearl.walks to the edge of the roof.JACOB (CONT’D)I’m not that sure of myself. This world seems more like a mad clam than an oyster. My mind right now can’t stop thinking about the ultimate doom that lies ahead.looks out at the New York skyline then down at the street.JACOB (CONT’D)I can imagine myself in the window of some sky scaper on black friday thinking I’m worth more dead than alive. Those guys did’nt care whether they lived or died they just knew everything of monetary value to them was gone. They had lost all their assets and that was enough to decide life was not worth living. I cant help but think just maybe they jumped becuase they could’nt bare the thought of not being able to support their family. JACOB (CONT’D)If I cared that much about money I’d already jump.backs away from the edge of the roof.JACOB (CONT’D)I’m too big of a pussy to ever kill myself. Being broke is just a fact of life for me. I’ve been in New York now for a year living paycheck to paycheck busting tables and bringing rich Italians their food before the gourmet microwaved plate cools off. I do that all for this.looks on at the skyline.JACOB (CONT’D)The city of New York. A place of dreams and the meca of our civilization. I came here to sale a screenplay. Now I’ll just settle for getting laid. The perfume women wear on the subway now is more erotic than ever. I keep my head down most of the time but every now and then a woman will sit beside me with some kind of dark rich scent that makes my stomach grown and I imagine getting to know her on some whisicle reason then letting everyone of my words caress her lusting thoughts. INT. JACOB’S ROOM- DAYOn his laptop looking at porn as his blanket moves up and down. JACOB V.O.Usually this is the part in the script where I start to grab your attention and reveal some of the plot. becomes relaxed and lays his head back.JACOBYeah we’ll get to that. First I have to masturbate to some internet porn. If I don’t do it I feel more alive and restless. The sweet release of a mans sperm is a brief moment in heaven. The orgasm is pure utopia but then the rest is like floating down a hill. Once you got to the top the journey wasnt worth the climb. I the view was enough to make a man sick to his stomach. Then you have to think about the factor that I have’nt tasted a woman in over seven years and the simple thought of falling in love right now seems so hard to. I’ve thought about paying a prostitute but, I would’nt be able to fuck her. Come to think of it I have spent too much money on every girl in return are bitter memories tucked in with a few fun times. just suffering and from a little bit of shell shock from her dose of medicine.INT. ADAM’S BEDROOM- NIGHTA can of Wintergreen Skoal Long cut sits on the table. JACOBSay boy you got a dip in there. After you just did a cannon ball. Are you trying to corner that wolverine.Adam unwraps a box of “Popeyes Chicken”.ADAMNo boy. This is a man’s can. Read the label... Wintergreen Skoal Long cut.Adam displays fried food.JACOBGod Damn boy you got some golden nugz right there.ADAMNow you going to dip and eat at the same time.JACOBI’m going to do that and cannon ball this another time because right no I’m a man. Plus I’m going to show you how to write a screenplay.ADAMOK now. You sound like ric flair.JACOBI got it. Real men stay up.Clip of Ric flair plays on Adam’s laptopADAMLet’s have one character be like that sort of dominant monkey.JACOBYeah we can make the one roommate who is all obsessed with conspiracy theoriesJACOB (CONT’D)Alright, excuse me it looks like you have upgraded from the longhorn.ADAMI think you should get you a pinch and be a man.JACOBYou can keep your brain washed kitty litter to yourself. I’ll stick to my Jesus. Jacob holds up his weed.ADAMWell now boy you have to let the little green men guide your thoughts. Let you know what’s wrong and right.JACOBI could picture someone taking out a magnifying glass and looking at a bowl of Crystals hanging off some Al Green.ADAMDude that’s perfect we will put that in the screenplay. Is there some way you could put like some special effects in where Green martians are dancing on the top of the neon green leaves.JACOBYeah dude there are editting programs that can do that. I will just youtube a video that shows you how.ADAMOk cuz that’s badass.Adam is laying down on the bed.JACOBBoy did you take that liper out already.ADAMI think that we should have these two bums say they collect trash. Let’s have those two guys get a slum one room apartment together.JACOBLike about two guys that are trying to write a screenplay. Yes the more they think about it the more the characters they are writing about actually start to control their ego. ADAMLike Heath Ledger in Batman.JACOBThey will embody the ones they write about. The thing is we could talk about how to write it all dayADAMThe writer becomes the story.JACOBSo it should start with two guys sitting at a laptop.Phone vibrates.JACOB (CONT’D)What? It’s fucking Boris. He wants to know if I’m in my room. It’s like he thinks we are married.ADAMBoy he misses you.ADAM (CONT’D)They are thinking of the begging of their screenplay.JACOBWhich we will just use the one we discussed about reversing the motifs and alluding to the plot to Odd coupleADAMI don’t remember us talking about that but yeah whatever I like that,.JACOBYeah trust me this will be like a revision of.ADAMDam boy this ranch is good.JACOBI was thinking about having my character in the script and yours both runners for Windows of the world. That restaurant that was on top of the trade towers. That was in 2001. ADAMBoy take a look here. Hello you remember this little guy don’t you?Adam pulls out his can of beer.ADAM (CONT’D)High gravity beer. It’s ten times cheaper and half the price of that cat piss mexican beer.JACOBThat’s a man’s beer.ADAMHere is a song form 2001.JACOBThis is a cool video from the top of the world trade towers.ADAMWhat’s this guy saying Abudha bob a cheello. Mama chello..Adam attempts singing the lyrics of a song.JACOB I wonder if we have deid before. It’s got to be like telling yourself, I’m about to die God take me away from here.ADAMWhat brought that on?JACOBI was thinking about what it would be like to b stuck in the stairwell of the north tower as it was coming down. Having all your bones crushed. It’s got to be like going to sleep and entering a dream. It’s the only way your mind can forget about the pain.ADAMThis is a sad song from 2001.EXT. ENTRANCE WORLD TRADE TOWERS- DAYJacob stands at ground zero. He puts his hand on a fence.JACOBSun comes up a beautiful day in march of 2000. Jacob heads up to the top of the world trade tower for another normal day at work.Elevator dings at floor 92 people get out and Jacob stays on.CONSTRUCTION WORKERI’m taking this to the top. Where you getting off.JACOBHundred and two.CONSTRUCTION WORKERYou ever been to the very top.JACOBNo.CONSTRUCTION WORKERYou want to?JACOBSure.ADAM (O.S.)You you tiger that yet?INT. ADAM’S BEDROOM- NIGHTADAMGo ahead now.Adam holds out a red pipe full of weed.JACOBI’m writing about my character taking the elevator up to work and he meets a construction worker that takes him up to the very top of the North Tower.Adam yawns and lays on the bed.ADAMThat’s cool what time is it? I got head out at five.JACOBIt’s only twelve fifty one.INT. WORLD TRADE TOWER ELEVATOR- DAYDING! Jacob walks out the elevator and enjoys his view from the top.JACOBWow it’s nice.CONSTRUCTION WORKERSome kind of view.JACOBI wonder what it would be like to jump off?CONSTRUCTION WORKERYou got a parachute.Jacob is singing.JACOBYeah right. Jumping like it used to..CONSTRUCTION WORKERWhat?JACOBYou shouldn't be listening to that.ADAM (O.S.)Let it burn boy.INT. ADAM’S BEDROOM- NIGHTLeans up off the bed Jacob is still sitting at the desk typing.ADAMYeah write that down how you grab for the pipe.JACOBOur character meet as runners at work but, they go to bars and kick it after work. That’s where you meet Courtney. That’s how we could introduce her character.ADAMLet me read that. I want to practice my character.JACOBWriting is very strenuous. You have to sit in one place and focus on taping little keys. I can’t even finish this sentence I have to lay down.INT. BEAUTY BAR- NIGHT 2000Jacob and Adam walk in the bar.ADAMBe lallaa. Just like a dream, never what it seem.JACOBGood song.ADAMWe are into the nineties now boy. I like to time travel when I smoke.Looks at a woman approaching the two guys.JACOBWho’s that?ADAMThat’s Jules.Jules, an older English woman wearing a fur coat and red lipstick.JULESDarling how and you. Darling I just got back from Miami and I had so much sex my pussy is sore. Where’s toto? Have you seen Toto Darling.ADAMHe’s by the bar.JULESToto! Jacob looks at Adam.JACOBWho is Toto?ADAMPromoter for the bar.Jules walks over to the bar.ADAM (CONT’D)One day he said Adam, can I fuck you?JACOBWhat?ADAMHis girlfriend sucked my dick in the bathroom and nobody ever found out.INT. ADAM’S BEDROOM- NIGHTADAMYour right it was a controlled demolition dude. Because look they fell this way.Adam shows a clip of a demolition of a building on his laptop.JACOBYeah well, there were three that fell. Nobody really talks about that. The third one was’nt even hit.ADAMDude, look at this two drinks ago you could have gotten yourself home. They bumps ago you would’nt have done this. Oh these people did there own. Two drinks ago you werent getting lucky.They luagh.ADAM (CONT’D)Two drinks ago you would’nt have touched taco bell. Oh shit its Courtney's picture. Two weeks ago you would’nt of had sex for fifteen dollars. I got to send her that. That’s her meth picture they just photo copied it.JACOBI was just about to introduce her into the script.Adam goes to the restroom and urinates loudly.ADAMMaybe this is cashed.Adam reaches fro the pipe.ADAM (CONT’D)Two weeks ago sex for fifteen dollars was’nt normal.ADAM (CONT’D)Maybe she did know about. No she did’nt there is no way.JACOBQuit trying to convince yourself she’s not a whore.Adam turns up the music. Jacob types.INT. BEAUTY BAR- NIGHT 200Adam looks across the bar at courntey.JACOBSo what did Courtney say when she first met you.ADAM (O.S.)I don’t know man I was coked up.Adam walks out of the restroom touching his nose.JACOBHand me the fucking bag.Long skinny scraggly bar back walks up to Jacob and Adam.BAR BACKChill out guys cuz, it’s pretty obvious that you guys are just going into the bathrooms to get high. You have been in that stall five times in the past thirty minutes. I’m just saying chill cuz, you never know if there are any D’s in here.Bar back walks outside to smoke.JACOBWhat the fuck is his problem.ADAMDude I think we should go.COURNTEYHey can I hang out with you guys.She stares at Adam.ADAMYeah sure.JACOBWhat’s up brok.BROKHey guys try and tip better that you did last time these are only two dollar drinks.JACOBDude fuck this place man lets go.Adam looks at courtney.ADAMI thnk we are about to go to another bar. You want to go.RING! Adam Picks up his phone.INT. ADAM’S BEDROOM- NIGHTADAMYeah I’ll find the forum and send that link to you. Yeah I’m finding that uhh. Two drinks ago link that I found. Ok here it is.Jacob continues typing as Adam scans his laptop.INT. BEAUTY BAR- NIGHT 2000JACOBLet’s walk down to good bye blue monday.ADAMYou want to go with us. We are heading down to this other bar. It’s just a few blocks down Broadway.COURNTEYSure.The three walk out of the bar.INT. ADAM’S BEDROOM- NIGHTADAMOK well me and Jacob are about to get some food. Hello.Jacob gets up from the laptop and puts on his coat.ADAM (CONT’D)Courtney hello. Hello...Puase Courtneys voice.ADAM (CONT’D)Ok bye.JACOBLets just get some rolls. They are only three bucks. That’s the way you do it boy turkey and swiss everday. That will make you a man.ADAMIt’s like that rittelen is given her a bigger ego.JACOBOfcourse, bro its legal meth that’s what they used to shoot hitler up with. Keeps you focused, and makes your hair fall out. Did you notice that. Her hair was kinda thin.ADAMYeah.EXT. BROADWAY- NIGHTJacob and Adam walk down the street.JACOBI think my character should have some kind of clue or fore warning about the Tower coming down.ADAMYeah like foreshadowing.Adam’s phone rings.ADAM (CONT’D)Hello. You are, Yeah Jacob’s over here we are working on a screenplay if that’s ok with you.JACOBIf that’s ok with you? What the fuck is that.ADAMCourtney said she was going to stop by later.JACOBOk.INT. DELI- NIGHTAn elderly arabic man walks out the back of the deli.ARABIC MANAlah! ADAMJust get me whatever you get. I just want the same.JACOBYeah can I get two rolls with turkey, swiss, lettuce tomatoe, mayo, mustard and onions and pickles if you have any.ARABIC MANOnions pickles. Alah! JACOBDamn boy I did’nt know they had these flavor chips. Hot wings and jalapeno cheese.ADAMGet’em, boy we got enough I brought two dollars in quarters.ARABIC MANYou want pickles fifty cent extra.JACOBNever mind then forget the pickles but, I still want the onionsARABIC MANOnions, Alah.Hands Jacob the sandwiches and they pay.CASHIEREight dollars.Adams hands Jacob some quarters.EXT. DELI- NIGHTThey walk out of the deli down to Broadway.JACOBI don’t know maybe these three characters can go bar hoping around our usual spots.ADAMYeah, like make it based around where we live film it here in Bushwick at.ADAM (CONT’D)Yeah. Look at that.Woman in full Berka Islamic body and face dress.ADAM (CONT’D)You can’t even see her eyes.JACOBLooks like a fucking Halloween costume.ADAMStrange you don’t see alot of them around here.JACOBShe had on the full burka. I kinda of like the way they treat women. It puts them in there place. Our society makes them think they are sex objects and we put pussy on a pedastool and teach our women to be whores. Yeah you can’t really blame the terrorist for doing what they do. JACOB (CONT’D)She’s going into a Pizza place. That’s got to be awkward for you. She is the center of attention everywhere but home. ADAMPeople think she is going to blow up the place when she walks in. JACOBThat’s just society and state run media brain washing you. Your more likely to get stung by a bee then struck by a terrorist.ADAMI bet they make those outfits themselves.INT. ADAM’S BEDROOM- NIGHTJacob unwraps the sandwich and Adam walks into the restroom.JACOBWell now boy your looks bigger than mine we might have to trade halves.Jacob unwraps the sandwiches and inspects them.JACOB (CONT’D)Mine is the one with onion now let me make sure they are the same.I what if someone invaded your land killed children and neighbors. You’d be pretty pissed off enough to kill someone.JACOB (CONT’D)These cheeto’s are good.ADAMBest deal for your buck boy.The two finish their sandwich.ADAM (CONT’D)I’m just going to lay down here until it’s time to get my check cash on.Adam closes his eyes as Jacob types persistently.JACOBI’m almost getting to the point where Courtney goes nuts forcing Jacob to correct here and teach Adam how to be a man. So, we where all at Good Bye Blue Monday and Courtney is taking shots on Ritalin.Adam Laughing.ADAMRemember that bartender there kept giving us free drinks. You should write that into the script.INT. GOOD BYE BLUE MONDAY- NIGHT 2000A gay black man wearing a wig serves Jacob Adam and Courtney rounds of shots.ADAMOh yeah wow. That’s good Tequila.Jacob and Courtney cringe after taking there shots. Adam answers his phone.JACOBYeah we’re at Beauty Bar. I mean Good Bye Blue Monday. Yeah in Brooklyn. Ok. Bring some devil if you can.Hangs up his phone.ADAMBilly is on his way. He will be here in like fifteen minutes.JACOBAnother drink.BARTENDERSure.JACOBI have to be honest. I don’t want to even write Courntey into the script anymore. I don’t want to imagine what she would say.ADAMWhat, What script?INT. ADAM’S BEDROOM- NIGHTAdam walks out of the hallway with a plate of pizza.ADAMFifteen more minutes!Jacob excited to see pizza looks away from the laptop.ADAM (CONT’D)We can use this in the sound track for something. We can show us all stoned listening to nothing matters.JACOBI wish there wasn’t such thing as copyright.ADAMWell, we can just go ahead and put it in. We don’t need to act like its going to make it. You know if it does good then worry about copyright later. You know this song would actually be a good ending for the script. Show us in slo-motion hugging.JACOBI want to figure out a way to tie in some of what that guy was talking about.ADAMTerrance Mckenna under Amazonium Shamonism.A train passes outside his window.JACOBThe sun spots corelating to the myan Calender. That guy was a well of knowledge.ADAMHe still is. When you get published boy you live for ever.JACOBYou think we can get some mushrooms.Adam takes a hit form the pipe and sips the smoke back into his mouth.JACOBYou chasing the dragon there boy.ADAMWe may have to get some more tall boys there.Adam pulls out his phone.ADAM (CONT’D)He what’s up I’m just here chilling with Jacob. Your heading to the city right now. Ok, I was going to head out in like and hour. Don’t worry I’ll leave right now.Adam puts phone in his pocket.ADAM (CONT’D)See this is’nt cool. See said he would’nt be there until seven. It’s like she just expect me to snap to when she tells me to.JACOBThat’s right boy she’s training you to be a daddy.ADAMShe’s having her daddy drive her to mid-town. All the way from Weschester. It’s like he’s her personal shofor and she expects me to be the same.JACOBRead the play “A Doll’s House.” Trust me boy, you don’t have enough money to be her daddy, She’s got to have three or four around incase you fall through. That’s what face book is for. I thought my x girlfriend would have some friends that were dudes but when I looked through her pictures I figured out that all the guys she said where friends Were really fucking her. That’s why I wrote her a degrading letter then sent it to some of those guys she said where just friends.ADAMWait a second. You sent her guy friends a letter.JACOBNo, just one of them. The one I was sure fucked her without a condom.ADAMWhat?JACOBMaybe I should just read you the letter.ADAMSave it for later. I got to go. I don’t want to piss her off anymore than she already is.JACOBYou know I wish that for once you could say fuck that bitch and concentrate and this God Damn. Screenplay.Adam looks nervous.ADAMCome on man don’t call her a bitch.JACOBSave it bitch. Let me just ask you this did she teach how to sit when you pee.ADAMDude I’m off on Thursday let’s just work on it then. JACOBDon’t get me wrong but, I don’t think you have a fucking clue how to write this screenplay. Instead of trying to pay attention long enough for me to teach you, your add ass is texting her afraid to keep her waiting. She’s got you on a leash. ADAMNo dude, it’s not that bad. JACOBYeah.Jacob closes his laptop.ADAMI got to go. Are you about ready.JACOBYeah, lets go.INT. JACOBS APARTMENT- NIGHTThere is the loud sound of the local mechanic testing out motors. Jacob opens the apartment door and walks in.JACOBHome sweet home.The apartment has two broken coat racks standing in the middle of the living room.JACOB (CONT’D)What the fuck no water. Come on.There is a mouse stuck to a sticky pad trap. The mouse yelps.JACOB (CONT’D)Oh great. It ain’t your night is it little buddy.Quani, Jacob’s roommate, is on the phone in the restroom.QUANI (O.S.)Hahaha! You be wild n’ out boy. Uhm... hum. That’s what she said. No. Nuh... uh... she said that shit I be having some issues with that bitch. I got something for her. They going to make me act real nigga on them.Toilet flushes and Quani walks out of the restroom holding his phone and a cigarette in his left hand and a cup in his right.QUANI (CONT’D)Huh. That’s what she said. What did you say? Uhm hum. Quani is a gay black male in his mid twenties. He walks by Jacob and places his cup beside the mouse trap. He opens the refrigerator pulls out a jug of juice and refills his glass..QUANI (CONT’D)Nah, that bitch is stupid. I know she took a bottle of liquor from me. Yeah!He closes the refrigerator and picks up his juice.QUANI (CONT’D)That’s what I said.Jacob picks up the mouse and places it in a trash bag then walks out the door mumbling to himself.INT. APARTMENT STAIRWELL- NIGHTJacob walks down the stairs with a dead mouse wrapped up in trash bags.JACOBI can’t write this script relying on Adam’s input. That’s been proven. I can only write it if I use me. Jacob stops.JACOB (CONT’D)That’s it I got to use my own stories.He runs down the steps and throws open the Apartment front door and dunks the dead mouse in the trash can.JACOB (CONT’D)That’s it I’ll just have to put it all in there. Adam and Jacob are co-workers and roommates. I’m just going to have to face the He runs back up the stairs and into the apartment then his room.INT. JACOB’S ROOM- NIGHTJACOBAlright well, If I’m going to write this thing, I have to make the damn thing about me. Start at the beginning. Opens up the laptop.JACOB (CONT’D)Interior Apartment Cornelia street day.Pulls out his phone.Text: Boris Put the empinadas in the oven. What you think about one hour to heat up four of them.JACOB (CONT’D)What?Text: In the office will be home in hour.JACOB (CONT’D)God! I don’t care. Terrance mecena is considered the ultimate abraham lincoln oof consiousness. Well the secon character inside the guy that took off 911 and the parachuter beside adam on the 112 floor this thing must be written now. Need for the writer to transfer his suit case of orange puff ball dmt for cannabis and mushroom headed for montuak alone for abduction conspiracy theariost and terreance meckenna to 911 and brownie shit story three stories of me living with adam.he gets skin cancer on back then takes shrooms before trewament and finds he is not afraid of dying and making people remember you is ridiculous we all are just blinks of other peoples memories. Letter from and to Richard cob. Nun on the way to mail with and the m bum on the church stepps
Now out of all those live stories put in the one with you on the church steps one man saving you making you feel safe and protectec from a evil homeless bastad trytin to steal the drunks shit. Halloween night Delancy cathedral.courtney can I talk to you for a second. I wasnt trying to make you feel like you had to defend yourself. The trueth is I’m jealous of adam. I m lonely and I wish I had a girl like you. The only problem is is every x girlfriend ive ever had has lied. I don’t think every woman is bad I just made a lot of poor decisions in love. My brother and his wife hate me. My Aunt at his wedding looked at me in pitty amusement and disappointment. I’ve been destined by the stars to pick women that don’t know me and don’t want to try. I guess I’m half the man I used to be and constantly trying to live up to it. Suicidal king of cat piss and Jesus I know myself sometimes im not clear to people about this man. but that doesn’t have shit to do with this.
My character faces his fears with Courtney after bitching out and leaving he slf reflects and meets a pin pal on c list called sophie. (CONT’D) (CONT’D)
Serving his ex and fantasizing about doing it a different way than the way it played out.
Phone call to aj about future a lot making predictions and listing all the ways that mwo brain washes and tries to kill us
Ex marketing = cigs and bacon commercials transferring to modern day doctors lying like the cig doctors about fluoride in water being good for you more drs smoke camaels people getting nutra sweet in the mail sounds too good to be true everyone gets gumballs in the mail. It doesn’t come from a cow but it could. If you’ve had bannas or strawberries you’ve had whats in nutra sweet.
Sugar is regulated like alcohol and tobacco while msg aspertaine bisfeenalay linked to diabetes and cancer is forced into foods cans and microwavable dinners
Main character Jacob has fascination surrounds the internet and craigslist politics and love example pen pal with sophie also facebook stocking elania and with papa johns wall and talks bad about president in mcdonalds in Brooklyn and gets his ass whooped.
Sophie wants to get the courage to sing a kareokee song which she does in the end with
(People that lose limbs being drawn to each other from past tragedies and how they have made their ways through life to better themselves)
Eyes wide shut mind control sacrifice
sorry6 willy is my spy tonight baby lets talks about 1969 hight of veitnam war and jacob wanting to become jewish jakov and be a pa and get to liking the whole idea of whats famiiar with shanan and a cracker asshole rt of something christian and needed to focus on the church... he didnt realize that jews took their religion too serious // methodist = cover dish dinner / babdist= bible / catholic equal rosary beads/ muslim = berka and jews equals women shaving heads, the hesidic ones which is exactly the kind that jakov is learniing jhidish for

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