Monday, February 20, 2012

Diablo's Presents

Short Story "Diablo's Present's" It’s the inside of something you have never lived in but, could easily say is the filthiest apartment bedroom in the world. Walls and curtains are all stained with ages of cigarette smoke. The smell is so intense you have to plug your nose to after inhaling the combination of smoke and turtle shit so harsh it will make your nose bleed.The smell hits your nose like a grenade. Exploding plumes of smoke, sure to sting any eye and give them instant contact highs from the leaking purple lips of our girl next door gone bad. Her voice gruffly calls to the man taking a piss in the restroom adjacent to our grizzly couples bedroom. “Chance! ” Ashes her smoke then turns up the music persistently screaming over the volume she just increased.“I’m hungry let’s order some fucking chinese food.” Piss bubbles up in the toilette as Chance snorts and spits his loogie like a challenge at the brown ringed bowl. “What!?” Chance misses the bowl and sends a stream flying at wet towels from previous showers. “Hi, my name is Diablo." She pushes back strands of black and silver hair with peircings everywhere a hole can go. She sharply snaps on a rubber band. “I’ve been dating my boyfriend now for six months.” Leaning back as she pulls the ash tray onto her bed. “I wanted to see how he would act with children so I made the decision to get him a pet." Chance walks out of the restroom and flops down on the bed. She continues to speak as if he is not there, “His place charges for a pet deposit and he’s poor so you know how it goes, I had to make do." Diablo hacks out a green glob from her throat. Half the goo hangs off her lips as she ashes her fat daddy joint. Diablo, “ I was trying to think of something cheap and that’s when it clicked. I knew what I was going to get him for Christmas, the Lord baby Jesus’s birthday. Plus Petco had a sale on two adorable turtles. Of course I had to get the bowl and food for them but, to make him feel like they were his I let him name them.” She looks at Chance who is snoring and drooling onto the stained mattress. “Smarty and Dum Dum, this is their story.” Chance holds a turtle in his hands then drops it and catches it before it hits the floor. Chance, “Wooh!” “How about a roller coaster little guy?” Chance drops the turtle. “Oh shit that was close” Chance holds the turtle up with his short chubby tattoo covered arms. “These turtles are fucking cool.” Diablo smiles I’m glad you like them. He places them back in the plastic tank on a table behind a older model desktop computer. Chance “I put them up her so I can watch them while I work.” Diablo licks a joint and lights it. She crackles a bright red light on the free bird and passes it to chance as she blows her remain from the last pull directly in his face. Chance takes the joint from Diablo’s hand and takes his puff making sure to hold it in as turns to lean over the turtles plastic container. He sends a cloud of smoke over the turtles environment completely engulfing their space. I wonder if I can teach them ninja moves?” Chance laughs. “Here put this over it, to trap in the smoke.” She hands him a plate which he places of the turtles home.” Chance smiles, “Sweet they are going to get extra high.” The turtles look up then dip into a small reserve of water.“I’m hungry,” Chance rubs his stomach. Diablo gets off the bed.” Let’s get some Chinese.” Chance grabs several skinny stick of incense. Light some of these so the landlord doesn’t smell the smoke. The two seal off the room and turn on the fan whispers the thick streams of Aleo and honey suckle incense into the turtle bowl. Chance pulls Diablo away from the door. Chance, “I’m too stoned to go.”He collapses onto the bed bringing her on top of him. Diablo tries to pull away but can’t. He forces his hand between her thighs spreading apart her legs. Diablo smiles and stops the effort to get up. Diablo, “Are you too stoned to..,”she looks spitefully aggressive,” Fuck me in the ass?” The two rip each others’clothes off in a haze weed smoke and incense. Months go by as bacteria grows on the bowl and the ritual doesn’t change for Smarty and Dum Dum. The toilette flushes. Chance! What? He hold his nose to feed the turtles. Chance, "Jesus Christ these fuckers smell like shit." Diablo, “I don’t smell anything.” Chance walks in the restroom and starts digging under the sink. “Where are those fucking incense?” Chance yells under the bathroom sink. I have something to tell you. Ah found them. Diablo I’m pregnant.Chance walks out of the restroom with a scared expression. “What? No! I want an abortion I mean we got to get rid of it. He paces the room. I don’t want a kid I’m too young.” She touches his arm. “I’m sorry.” Moving away from her, “You said you were on the pill. Fuck. Kill it.” I’m already three months in. It has a heart.” Starting to cry she sits on the bed. “Fuck. Well give it up for adoption.” He stares soullessly at the turtle bowl. “I want to keep the baby.” “Jesus Christ you are going to ruin our lives.” Diablo begins to cry and chance lights up a cigarette. Here take this. He passes her the cigarette. She inhales and he punches her in the stomach. Like a drum beat the sound of his fist hitting her stomach echoes. Chance watches Diablo hit the floor and curl up in a fetal position. He reaches for the bundle of incense and lights all of them. “Here get up.” He helps her on to the bed.She’s shaking as he wipes her tears. “Come on lets go get some ice cream.” The two walk out the room and Chance walks back in. He takes the incense and places it in the turtle bowl then flips the light off and walks back out his door.

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