Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The high school theater is packed with enough hormones to send seven eighty six year old men around the globe twice before exploding hearts like a bank full of freshly robbed safes. Dusty maroon curtains fold back like crumpling giant ballooned veins thick and forced to give way. Heavy metal rock cranks out rattling casket sized speakers pumping billows of sweet synthetic fog into the laps of anxious onlookers glued to their seats. Laser lights cut through smoke with elaborate technical seizure spurring patterns hypnotizing eager eyes with every burst of spontaneous interruptions to routine.


A steam box sedan housing two of the same genes, broil skin to the point of perspiration. Minute beads transpire down the dominant genes bulging forearm. High noon approaches and classic steal can cook a frost bitten steak. The two brothers are coming to rise like cup cakes in an Easy Bake Oven. “Just one more hour parked without shade,” thought Big Bro, causing him to turn his head and shield his face from invisible bon fire winds.

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