Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grip (Start of the story)

The Grip

Big Bro’s eye stung from sweat after blinking due to light magnified by the eighty eight Durango’s front windshield. The sun radiates his vascular fore arms causing them to excrete tiny beads that grow and fall following veins to a plastic armrest. It was noon and the hoods of every car on the block had to be hot enough to fry an egg and cook a steak. He felt like a cupcake coming to rise in an easy bake and everything inside the dark blue sedan was on low broil and Big Bro thought he could take another hour and they would have to find some form of shade.

Lil Bro breathes deeply and takes in the sweet syrup smell of evaporated diet soda spilt in the cup holder and collected pennies lining it. A drop of perspiration rolls down his adam’s apple and into the soft dip between his clavicle bones. He sinks deeper into the reclined grey leather chair with each shallow breathe. His older sibling, better known as Big Bro, cracks an eyelid and watches the mechanical sprinklers pop out of grass and shower perfidiously edged lush St. Augustine matted front yards. He was sure that they had made it to Arizona although this looked nothing like the desert he expected. It was a long drive across the Texas panhandle had taken longer than expected and each day spent in El Paso was one that took away from the ultimate destination.

It was a ticker tape rural Phoenix suburban neighborhood each house had two or more levels with a large green lawn. There was only one tree on the block and It was a palm. The tree reminds Big Bro of the beach and what he’d seen in the movies of California and the sunset strip. Babied flower beds stripe an inviting bright mess of colors geometrically patterned to lead up to each house surrounding the cul-de-sac. Big Bro forgot the street’s name and curiosity of the baring didn’t cross his mind. All he could think of was the heat. A closer than normal Sun was now hung completely overhead without a cloud in the sky. Even with the windows halfway down it was not cool enough to keep him in deep rim rather leaving him sweltering lucid thoughts.

Once again glancing at his little brother he cautiously avoids making any sudden sounds that would shake him from dreaming. Big Bro lets out a struggling yawn and watches the birds float from tree to tree. He hears there back and forth tweets and long whistles and watches them skip across a lawn looking for worms the mulch. A mocking bird is chirping back and forth with a scissor tail hanging on the side of a miniature Victorian house atop a ten foot pole in someone’s back yard. He thought to himself this had to be the place life swells.

This was the second night they had spent the night in this spot having run out of gas escaping a near arrest after pulling away without paying the tab. They sat on the last peg below the red dash meant to represent pencil fumes left in the tank. Big bro figured they had a mile and didn’t want to waste it until they could figure out a way to steal more. The rations were low and this extended road trip was near its end and they both knew it. Lil bro starts to nod his head and yawn. You awake bro? Lil bro asks from the lowest voice he could muster in the heat. You got a smoke? Big bro,”We’re out.” I feel like shit. I’m so hung over. I need a cigarette right now so bad me head if fucking pounding. Big Bro shared the same ringing in his head and didn’t want Lil bro that squares were on the list of things to lift from the last truck stop. They were both just glad as hell to have gotten the pigs off their trail after the last heist. He knew that now there ride had been compromised and there would be no major more frivolous spending if they any hope of reaching LA by the end of the week.

The two glanced up at the sun and realize the desert of America was the back drop to suburbia they found themselves in. Big Bro, “better find a place to get cool or they’ll cook for the rest of the day. Well we got about a few miles left in the tank. “Where the fucks are we?” “Phoenix but, I’m not sure what part.” The two decided to drink every beer in the two thirty packs they had boosted the night before. This was their belated reward for a night of instant gratification. “I can’t believe we didn’t get arrested last night. I don’t know how that cop did not spot us.” In truth big bro didn’t know the cop had to have passed right by them and make his way out of the dead end road.

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