Friday, July 17, 2009

Teasers for Chickinawa summer and banty's Summer of love

EXT. (DALLAS, TEXAS) SMU CAMPUS PARKING - DAYSMU, A large red brick private college campus, sits on a hill overlooking the city of Dallas. Students are sparse and moving out for summer internships and beach house retreats.NARATORIt was the hottest summer to date and I was a “Lifer” at Chickinawa. Lifer is an adult who thrives on spending everyday of the hottest months of the year entertaining kids. Thus, allowing upper class moms and dads a chance to lose their kids for a few weeks out of the year. Camp Chikinawa sales a dream to a child. The dream that next summer will be more liberating than the one before. A young couple walks out of the dormitory doors were Johny is parked. Johny, an athletic 23 year old, loads a large black bag into the trunk of his small vintage sports car.Karl, Johny’s friend clutches his girlfriends shoulder as he approaches Johny’s car.KARLSo, is today the first day of camp?Johny closes his trunk. He’s wearing a wife beater and dark shades. JOHNY No, tomorrow. I’m just getting the car packed.Karl’s girlfriend, Lizzy, wears a skirt high up her thighs and cherry red lipstick. She smiles at Johny and pulls her designer sunglasses down.LIZZY You know, your not going to be able to drink or get high for the entire summer.Johny walks up to Lizzy and throws his sandy brown hair back into a pony tail. JOHNYSome of us have to get paid this summer. KARLDon’t worry brother. We will drink for you.
Johny approaches the open driver’s side door and leans on it.KARLSo, did you get your final in from Roland’s class?Johny holds up four fingers.JOHNYFour point zero.KARLYou got to let me buy you a drink for that. JOHNY I leave at seven in the morning.Lizzy puts her hand on Johny’s shoulder and leans in convincingly. LIZZYThat’s not until tomorrow.KARL(convincingly)Lizzy’s parents are out of town for the rest of the week. Pool side bbq, a whole lot of liquor and, did I mention Jacuzzi?Johny looks at Lizzy.LIZZY(cutely)I’m expecting some hot friends to show up.KARLEverybody will be there. You know it’s practically impossible to Ace Roland’s final exam and you did it. You owe yourself a drink for putting up with his shit all year. Come on, one shot Johny!
LIZZYTonight might be your last night of true fun for a while.INT. LIZZY’S SISTER’S ROOM- LATE MORNINGAn alarm clock radio wakes Johny up playing loud Hispanic music. The Alarm Clock reads eight fifteen. Johny blinks as wipes his eyes then squints and knocks over a beer bottle as he stumbles out of his bed holding his head.JOHNYFuck! I’m late.Johny hustles down a large stair case. Karl and Lizzy are stoned stoned on the living room couch. The two are completely sedated and glued to a large TV watching cartoons.KARLWhoa, life of the party,where are you going?JOHNYCome on man, I’m late.KARL Too late to bake?JOHNYBro can’t show up my first day high.KARLIt’s better than hung over.Johny takes the joint from Karl’s hands and puffs on it.EXT. COUNTRY ROAD- MORNINGJohny’s car takes off down the road jamming a groovy sixties melody as it weaves down a two lane road.EXT. CAMP CHICKINAWA- LATE MORNINGAs Johny approaches the camp there is a 15 mile an hour speed limit sign. A sign on a tree reads “You now in Camp C Zone!”JOHNYOk, I’m here.Posted on trees are large inspirational phrases.Johny slows down and reads each sign posted on the trees. The signs read: “The world is what you Make of it,” “happiness is all in the mind” and, “Get your particles in motion.”JOHNYWhat?A group of people all dressed in khaki shorts and white shirts stand in the road and cheer as if they were welcoming home the super bowl champions. Suddenly, everyone forms a straight line in the middle of the road. Starting with the first person in line pirouetting away opposite the person ahead of them. Now in the two separate lines they form on either side of the road the Camp Chickanwaw counselors jump and swing their arms with excitement.Johny cautiously cruises between them as they applaud with unrivaled enthusiasm. BAM, A tall dark brown Hispanic counselor attempts to open Johny’s locked door. Unsuccessful BAM knocks on the limo tinted window. Johny presses a button and lets the window slowly roll down. BAM leans his head through the narrow gap created by the rolled down window.BAMHey buddy my name is Richard but, my camp name is BAM! Can I get in?JOHNYSure.The door unlocks and Richard is covered in sweat soaked clothes and breathing like he has just ran a marathon.BAMKeep heading down this road and I’ll tell you when to turn. Bam turns and looks at Johny vigorously.BAMSo, you ready for the best summer of your life?JOHNYBetter than the nineteen fifties? BAM is confused by Johny’s remark and does not know what to say in return.JOHNYSure, I guess.BAMTake a left here. These are the I boy cabins. The I stands for intermediate, ages nine to twelve. (powerfully)I’m head counselor for the I boys. Well, actually second in command over the I boys. Mainly, I’m in charge of getting the cabins ready for inspection. Johny’s car approaches a group of five cabins just about twenty yards away from a huge lake.BAMThis is it. Park right here.Johny parks the car on a small hill overlooking the lake side cabins.BAMNeed some help unloading your stuff?Johny pops the trunk and pulls out a large black duffle bag that must weigh eighty pounds. He hands it to BAM who immediately struggles with it.BAM begins to pull the bag down a rock laid path to the cabins.BAMWe are in Cabin three together. I got a bottom bunk. BAM runs and jumps on his bunk. The bunk has a cheesy fluffy quilt on it. A fan is attached to the bed post. BAM grabs the fan and points it on his sweaty face. BAMI got to go back and help greet more counselors.BAM rolls his sweaty ass of the bed.BAMFeel free to change into something more comfortable. We are going to meet up at the top of the “C-Dome” in about an hour.JOHNYC-Dome, What’s that?BAMThe big complex to your left is called the “C-Dome.” We’ll meet there every morning for the daily announcements. How else are we going to know what’s going on in the real world.

INT. -- TOP OF THE CAMP O DOME -- NIGHTLittle Raphael is sitting in the corner pulling the top of his hat down to cover his nose. Super counselor Robby runs over to Raphael and kneels down beside him. Robby, in a fake energetic voice holds out his hand and grits his teeth as he speaks.ROBBYTo be honest, I should sit your ass out all day and make you watch while everyone else gets to play.Little Raphael looks up at Robby with terrified tear filled eyes. LITTLE RAPHEALThey was picking on me. ROBBYI don’t care I’ve had it with you. LITTLE RAPHEALHe put a put on my head.ROBBYI’m not going to let you ruin the night. I wanted to go to the bon fire tonight.Danny another counselor walks by and looks over at Robby.ROBBY(slightly sweeter tone)Now I know you can behave so go out there and play nice.Danny looks away and Robby shoots a furious look at little Raphael with pure hatred in his eyes. Crystal walks by and Robby quickly walks to her side.ROBBYHey Crystal looking forward to the bon fire tonight. CRYSTALYeah sure.ROBBYI hope that you will be at the counselor lodge later. There is something I have been dying to show you. It’s a big surprise.Robby curls his lips and bites the air.
Ext. West House - DayBanty, a 16 year old, pushes a lawn mower in the hot sun.(Banty)I cant define brutality. My definition is more tangled than the lightning between clouds or the thunder through halls. I knew cody once in a magazine. We we went out only in high profile company and drank everything to quinch nothing. She was like a godess of truth. Nothing ever escaped her intuition to truck over the hardest stares. On that day she ran the world, at least the one I live in.Cody steps out of her new purple firebird and puases only to enoy the wind pushing back her thick black bangs.(Banty)She was wearing a pair of purple pants the clung to her perfect ass like a second skin exposing every perfect curve the the summer's warm rays. Still, it was not enough. Please God just give me a peak. I'd die to be the gum under that tongue or a tatoo curvers down the spine from her neck to her hip. Before I go any further I think it is important to mention that the year is 1987. I am a Junior enjoying the summer before my senior year at gun barrell high. The ony you really need to know about where I go to school, is that there are only 6 other students in my class.Cody enters her house and Banty the door close behind her. He finishes the last strip of tall grass then turns the mower off. Trip West, Cody's father, walks out of the house and down the steps toward Banty.(Trip)Looks good son.The door to the house slams open and Cody comes running out. As she flings open the firebird door Susan West, Cody's mother, desperately falls down the steps running after Cody. Mr. West runs to his wife and picks her up as the firebird slings rocks at Mr. and Mrs. West.(Banty)That car will forever define my summer of love.(TRIP)Take this money Banty. You've done your job today.Trip takes his wife inside and Banty loads the mower into the truck bed. The truck starts and Banty begins driving down th road. As the truck heads down a red dirt road it takes a turn down a covered pass and heads up to a small cabin surrounded by trees. Banty opens the door and sitting on the couche is Cody.The two embrace and begin to passionately kiss. They practically rip each others clothes off.The sun begins to set behind the trees around the cabin.
friday july 17th 2009 @ diving bell 8:19

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